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32 Automated Nucleic Acid Extractor


E96-II 32 automated nucleic acid extractor is an automatic accounting extraction workstation with simple operation, stable extraction, high efficiency and high cost performance. It can automatically isolate and purify nucleic acids from animal and plant tissues, cells, whole blood, viruses and other types of samples, and the extracted nucleic acids can meet the needs of subsequent molecular biological experiments. It is widely used in scientific research, clinical molecular diagnosis, animal and plant disease monitoring and other fields.

Using magnetic bead separation technology, the selection of the appropriate kit can automatically separate and purify high purity nucleic acid from a variety of sample materials such as blood, tissue and cells. The whole instrument structure design exquisite, transparent working chamber to facilitate the observation of the work; Large screen LCD panel, beautiful and easy to operate; outstanding protection function, use safety, more reliable. It is an effective "assistant" of clinical gene testing and molecular biology laboratory.

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